According OmniExplorer, 11 August, the company released the Tether tokens USDT $50 million In late March, the Tether held on the issue of 300 million tokens at a price of $1 for each, and in June another 250 million

The website CoinMarketCap, in turn, demonstrates that for the last 30 days Tether, the market capitalization declined by approximately $300 million — from $2.7 billion in mid-July to the current $2.4 billion.

Capitalization Tether for the last month. Source: CoinMarketCap

Volume vnutricletocny trade Tether now stands in second place after bitcoin — it is $4.2 billion, or 28,16% of all crypto trade, while the average volume vnutrikletochnykh trade bitcoin is equal to $5.7 billion, or 38,62% on a global scale.

According to the official version, tokens USDT provided the us dollar in the ratio of one to one, but the company has not released the audit data. In June, the Tether was accused of manipulating the price of bitcoin in 2017. The authors of the published document stated that stabilin “used to maintain a certain price level and price manipulation in crypto-currencies”.

Shortly a legal company, who worked with Tether, confirmed the fact that security tokens dollars, but many of its report seemed convincing enough.

In a recent article, Paul Vigna and Stephen Russolillo from The Wall Street Journal drew attention to the fact that stabilin Tether quickly became one of the foundations of volatile cryptocurrency market, and the lack of hard evidence of the provision of dollars — a serious threat to the industry.