South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit made tokens Blocktix (TIX), SaluS (SLS), Salt (SALT) and the Wings (WINGS) in a special category of assets that may be subject to delisting. In an official statement, the exchange explained the reasons for its decision.

So, according to the site, oriented on the distribution of tickets for events token Blocktix for a long time didn work products and stopped the development.

Similar petitions were also assets Wings DAO and SaluS. Besides low liquidity makes the last token is vulnerable to manipulation, explained in Upbit.

The token Salt made the list in connection with the initiated in November 2018, a test of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). The Agency studies the connection between the Salt platform Lending Holdings Inc. with the head of the crypto currency exchange ShapeShift Eric Borgeson, as well as possible, moshennichestvo in the allocation of tokens during the ICO in 2017

During the week, the Upbit crypto currency exchange intends to seek clarification from listed projects. If they are unsatisfactory, the exchange will delist produce tokens.

Earlier, bitcoin exchange Binance also announced the imminent delisting of Salt and Wings.