Provider of mobile payment solutions Uphold announced the completion of integration of the registry Ripple in its platform. This will allow application users to work directly with XRP addresses directly through the app, according to a press release from the company.

With the new option users can now Uphold to Deposit, withdraw and send XRP to other addresses through the application.

Exciting news – Uphold members now have FULL access to $XRP including the ability to deposit, withdraw, #hodl, send… It’s YOUR #XRP you can do what you want with it — as it should be! Learn more:

— Uphold (@UpholdInc) 24 May 2018

Says the Director Uphold profit Robin O’connell, this event should be considered “important focal point” for the company that was first granted to US residents easy access to XRP.

“The extension of our proposal due to the full support of XRP was the next obvious step. In this space there are more purses that offers access to the cryptocurrency, but if you read the important information in small print, you will find that they don’t sell cryptocurrencies can have a negative impact on the market,” said Robin O’connell.

Uphold allows users to buy XRP via Bank transfer, debit and credit cards and other payment mechanisms, the statement of the company.

For the first time about his plans for the integration of XRP Uphold the company announced in March, at the same time adding the capability of buying and selling this token.

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