Markets that allow users to bet on the fate of politicians, businessmen and celebrities to Augur, in some cases clearly point to murder. Also on the platform there are markets that offer a to bet on the mass killings and terrorist attacks with a certain minimum number of victims. This writes CoinDesk, deliberately not providing links to such markets.

Augur was generated Forecast Foundation with funds raised during the ICO in 2015. It is a platform without censorship where users can create market forecasts based on the results of any check events — the outcome of sports events and elections the weather and the prices of cryptocurrencies.

After launching, the platform has become one of the most popular apps on Ethereum. At the time of publication it launched more than 600 markets with a volume of over $1.5 million according to Predictions.Global, which displays data on the markets Augur (hiding the markets of the murders).

Due to the absence of censorship, the platform is especially popular in countries where sports betting is prohibited. But, as expected, the absence of restrictions, was bound to create more “dark” markets. By the way, creating a market for murder, a potential killer could have put on a positive result and “manipulate” them.

Long before the first of such markets users on the community forums Augur discussed the possible creation, as well as the potential response of the community and government.

Augur reporters (users assigned by the market makers to determine the result of the event on which the bet is made), according to co-founder Predictions.Global Ryan Berckmans, could mark a market as “invalid”. Owners REP tokens, the native currency of the Augur, you can challenge the decision that these markets are not valid (users place their bets in the air, and not in the REP tokens). In the end, concludes berkmans, there are reporters who will agree to determine the results of such events.

This can cause the Augur divided into two platforms, one of which will be called Augur Dark and make the markets of the killings and other “dark” events. In the white paper describes how the fork when the owners REP can’t agree on how to check the event. Judging by the comments on Reddit, most users believe that stimulation of the murders through rates 100% immoral.

Other potential ways to close the markets of the murders seems to be no. The developers Augur the evening of July 23 announced the failure of the function “escape hatch”, which will allow an assignee to close the system. Developer Michael Zsolt says to turn off the system is impossible, even if Forecast Foundation would threaten the government.

Directly from legal risks can stolknutsya users who have created the markets of the murders. According to Coindesk, one user used the wallet on the exchange Binance to create such a market. It almost certainly can be traced.