Venture investor and well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast Tim Draper (Tim Draper) told that it is not necessary to despair, after all, the cryptocurrency has a great future – in five years digital assets can displace Fiat currency.

Draper has always been much more optimistic about the future of bitcoin than other players of the industry and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. He believes not only in bitcoin but also in the potential of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

In an interview with Fox Business Draper reiterated his opinion that Fiat means surrender to the pressure of the cryptocurrencies for the past 5 years.

“The more, the easier you will be able to spend or invest or do anything with cryptocurrencies transactions are fast and cheap. Criminals will use the cash, because the police catches those who use bitcoin,” said Draper.

He explained that in the blockchain, you can easily monitor unlawful activities and that is why the criminals will be as long as possible to use Fiat money.

Draper also expressed their joy at the start JPMCoin. In his opinion, this is really great news for the entire industry.

“Not all branches of bitcoin for the benefit of the industry, but they raise the interest to the first cryptocurrency,” said the venture investor.

Earlier, in April 2018, Tim Draper expressed the opinion that the rate of bitcoin will reach $250 000 already by 2022, and in November last year, he again confirmed his prediction.

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