In an interview with The Street venture capitalist Tim Draper confirmed its forecast that bitcoin will reach $250 thousand dollars by 2022.

Article from The Street.

ā€” Tim Draper (@TimDraper) September 20, 2018

“After the theft of funds from Mt. Gox I was sure that digital money will not survive. However, that day the price of bitcoin sank by only 10-15%, and I realized that people actually need it. From that moment I began to invest in the cryptocurrency,” said Draper.

The investor believes that bitcoin is more secure than the U.S. dollar. So, he bought 40 000 BTC arrested by Federal marshals Service of the US in the darknet marketplace the Silk Road.

In an interview with the investor also shared his opinion on the effectiveness of digitalization, admiring the possibilities of Big data and machine learning are already able to determine the health of the person and even create recommendations for improvement.

According to Draper, the combination of modern technologies provides a safe environment for the life of each person. Cryptocurrency at the same time, he noted, allow anyone to create “your own Bank” and to overcome geographical boundaries.

Finally, he advised the traders to buy until bitcoin is at a low level.

Earlier, Tim Draper expressed the view that in the next 15 years the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies will reach 80 trillion dollars.

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