29 Oct in the core network focused on privacy enhanced crypto currencies will be held zcash for activation update Sapling, which should reduce needed to implement secure transactions memory capacity 100 times and speed them up six or more times, according to CoinDesk.

So, if a secure transaction could only be exercised by the holders of nod full, activation Sapling will allow you to utilize lightweight clients.

The ultimate goal of hard forks is to achieve privacy by default, but users will be able to selectively broadcast their transaction publicly using a special key to view.

Some time the zcash for the Protocol would support the old (Sprout) and the new formats, but then the developers will present a special tool for migration of all balances on the Sapling addresses, which will be undertaken by the global audit networks.

Earlier in the network Monero took place hardwork activation Protocol Bulletproofs, which reduced transaction fees for more than 90%.