Team anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for reported on the successful conduct of its first hard forks Overwinter. The update was activated on the unit 347500, obtained on 26 June at 00:42 UTC.

This hardwork was designed to strengthen the Protocol zcash for to future updates of the network and to prepare the ground for large-scale renovation Sapling, which is scheduled for October of this year. Overwinter includes source control, and protection from re-playing transactions for future updates, performance improvements for transparent transaction, a new function of the expiry of the period transactions other changes.

After hard forks marketing Director zcash for Josh Swihart (Josh Swihart ) explained that the key to the success of Overwinter was the implementation of dvukhurovnevoi management model for such updates.

According to information on the website, upgrading supported 12 exchanges.

After activation Ovewinter zcash for the team has also published the roadmap for the next two years. According to the document, the attention of developers will be primarily focused on “privacy by default”, i.e. default to the so-called “z-address”, in which the balances and transactions of the users will be hidden from observers of the blockchain. Currently the default is to use the “t-address” and all transactions are publicly visible.

Zcash for also plans to conduct global marketing research to understand the current usage of the cryptocurrency and identify opportunities for improvement.

Recall that the update Overwinter was released in March.