Today, October 29, there will be hardwork blockchain zcash for, writes ETHNews. Zcash for (ZEC) appeared in October 2016. In this cryptocurrency, the emphasis is on privacy, which provides the proof with zero disclosure.

Zcash for became the first major application zk-SNARKs — variation of the proof with zero disclosure, which can reduce the computational load on the network.

A forthcoming update called Sapling is intended to increase the effectiveness of protected signatures (shielded) blockchain transactions. Such transactions require more processing power, yet makes use of the blockchain, for example, for mobile device users and also for kryptomere.

Secure transactions Sapling will create a new, shorter z-addresses, and will increase the degree of confidentiality of the entire network zcash for. Hard forks in a dedicated article in the blog said:

Payments, including a new z-address of Sapling, you can create in just a few seconds using only 40 MB of memory. Exchange, services, mobile wallets, vendors and other third parties will now be able to support secure addresses.

Update Sapling will separate hardware, Builder of the proof with zero disclosure from hardware, which signs the transaction.

Also the Sapling will improve the process of working with keys read: the owners of protected addresses will be able to see (and show) the details of incoming and outgoing transactions without revealing their private keys for spending. This means that transactions can be safely shared with trusted third parties in cases when you require an audit or verification of compliance with the rules.

Finally, the new z-addresses Sapling, as reported in the blog, enables you to “trillions” of payments for no additional charge. Exchanges and trading companies will be able to create for customers a large number of “different and unrelated” to each other z-addresses.

The implementation of some aspects of upgrading the Sapling will happen gradually. The existing address format will be supported some time.