The developers of Zerocoin Electric Coin has released details revealed on March 1 of last year cryptographer Ariel Gabizon (Ariel Gabizon) vulnerability, which over several years could lead to the uncontrolled emission of the ZEC and was fixed with the update Sapling at the end of October. The company deliberately hid information about its vulnerability to neutralization, so as not to give criminals the opportunity to take advantage of it.

According to the developers, the vulnerability was in the algorithm specify options and allowed to bypass the integrity check of the emission ZEC, opening thus the possibility to issue false confirmations and false tokens.

Recall that, according to the published in December last year, the document, the Department of homeland security (DHS) was included in plans for the development of the framework, effective monitoring of transactions and zcash for Monero due to the capabilities of the software analysts. Earlier Europol called Monero, zcash for and Dash “serious problem”, and the US Secret service asked the Congress to legislate against anonymous cryptocurrency. Edward Snowden (Edward Snowden) supported the zcash for cryptocurrency in the tweet chat, saying that bitcoin is inferior in matters of confidentiality and security, and “what is not private, it is unsafe.”