Zcash for Company behind the development of the zcash for cryptocurrency, revealed details of a vulnerability that allows attackers to create unlimited number of non-existent coins ZEC.

According to a report in the blog of March 1, 2018 years ago, the cryptographer zcash for Ariel Gabizon has discovered a vulnerability in the Protocol is zk-SNARKS, which is used in zcash for to conceal balances and user data.

The developers of cryptocurrency has taken the decision not to disclose the details of the problem to include the patch in the update Protocol zcash for the Sapling, which was activated in late October. And only now the project team has publicly disclosed the circumstances of the incident.

“The vulnerability was related solely to the creation of non-existent coins and does not affect the privacy of users. To eliminate the attacker could create fake coins zcash for, while remaining unnoticed… the Vulnerability has been fully eliminate, and no action by user zcash for not required”, — stated in the message.

Also, the developers say that the vulnerability detection required an advanced level of technical and cryptographic knowledge possessed by few.

“It has existed for several years, but have not been identified in many expert cryptographers, academics, external auditors and third party development teams that have launched new projects on the basis of the zcash for”.

After the detection of vulnerability zcash for Company took “exceptional measures” to minimize the possibility of its use and advised of its existence the team of other cryptocurrencies using the Protocol zk-SNARKS, including the Horizen and Komodo.

In comments to Fortune Company CEO zcash for Zuko Wilcox added that the developers refused contact with the creators of the Bitcoin Private project, which is more controversial due to the alleged use of hidden premine.

“We did not want to disclose information to other persons until, until you have protected the largest by market capitalization crypto-currencies”, said Wilcox.

We will remind, earlier this year Zuko Wilcox reported that the community zcash for exploring the possibility of changing the algorithm of consensus for lowering the rate of inflation.