The world Bank has collected in the course of bonding on the blockchain $81 million — $8 million more than planned. This was reported in a recent statement of the Bank.

I wrote our website, the world Bank decided to issue its first bonds on the blockchain in the amount of $73 million by the Organizer of the issue was appointed Australian Bank British Commonwealth (CommBank). Bond got title bond-i (blockchain operated new debt instrument).

Although initially, the Bank announced that it would attract 100 million Australian dollars ($73 million) and the issue was scheduled for August 28 Friday, August 24, it was reported that already contains as many as 110 million Australian dollars (approximately $81 million).

Among the investors include CommBank, QBE Insurance, First State Super, NSWTreasury Corporation, SAFA, Treasury Corporation of Victoria and Northern Trust.

Bonds operate on a private blockchain Ethereum. Microsoft has analyzed the platform in terms of its architecture and security.

Treasurer of the world Bank Arunma Oteh said that the organization welcomes the considerable interest which has caused this action. According to her, she and her colleagues are particularly impressed by the interest of official institutions, Fund managers, government agencies and banks.

The bonds will yield a monthly profit of 2.2%, repayment term — two years.