According to the New York Post, the billionaire twins Winklevoss, the owners of cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini, was donated to the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo’s $130 000 per month before the exchange has received permission to include in the listing zcash for. The fact that the decision was taken shortly after the donations may indicate the relationship of these events.

According to published on July 17, the official document, the twins donated $100,000 in April and $30 000 in June. Andrew Cuomo is Governor of the state since 2011 and plans to run for election in November of this year.

Shortly after in April was made the first donation, the Department of financial services (the financial regulator of the state of new York) granted the company the brothers Gemini Trust license to include in the listing zcash for — cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $945,3 million

The so-called setlicense (Regulations) the Department of financial services new York approved in July 2014 and started issuing it in August 2015. According to Fortune, due to the need to obtain bilicenii that costs tens of thousands of dollars, many companies have gone from new York.

On June 20 the twins gave Cuomo another $15 000. It is reported that during the current campaign, Cuomo March raised $6 million, and its main rival Cynthia Nixon — $1.6 million

Press Secretary Cuomo Abby Fisher commented on the speculation about the relationship of donations with obtaining a license:

We appreciate the support from the brothers. Any donation, no matter how significant it may be, does not affect the actions of the authorities.

For his part, the representative of the Department of financial services of new York Richard Loconte said that “no idea about the political donations and such contributions do not affect the independent nature of the decisions of the office”.

Finally, the press Secretary Winklevosses said that Gemini “is supported by many effective leaders and Cuomo donated funds only because they consider it an effective politician, able to solve problems, as well as a person worthy to lead the state in the future.”

It is worth noting that the twins had not financed the election campaign Cuomo, who held the post of Governor for two terms already.

In March 2017, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission rejected the application of Gemini for inclusion in the listing a bitcoin ETF. After the December 2017 futures exchange launched the Cboe, the hope returned, but in January the Gemini lawyer said he believes a permit is unlikely.

According to Bloomberg, in April of this year, Ripple has proposed Gemini $1 million in cash for the listing XRP. The offer was allegedly rejected. Press Secretary of the Ripple in hot pursuit issued a denial, calling the story of the bribe “factually inaccurate”. However, he did not explain what had really happened.

In 2017, the twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have become the world’s first bitcoin billionaires. Intraday trade volume of their exchange is Gemini $70.8 million