A cryptanalyst and trader Peter Brandt predicted the imminent disappearance of altcoins and compared them with children’s toys Beanie Babies that was popular in 1990-e years.

On his Twitter page, he wrote that now many people have their favorite altcon. This trend resembles the high demand for toys Beanie Babies in the old days. However, many of these Pets will soon be in the trash in the garage.

Placing your post in the social network, Brandt was referring to soft toys Beanie Babies that appeared in the mid 1980-ies, very popular they became in the 1990-ies. Many even collected the toys, but then demand collapsed along with prices.

Peter Brandt


So many people have their favorite pet altcoin. It reminds me of the bidding war back in the days of the beanie babies — and most of these pet coins will end up in the same garage sale junk heap.

Peter Brandt is known that in January last year predicted a sharp drop in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The current situation on the crypto market it compares with the period 2013-2016. After this stage is complete, we will have to wait for the resumption of aggressive growth BTC or so-called the effect “dead cat”, that is, a small increase in the value of the asset.

Many users laughed at the comparison to Brandt, and some reminded him that under Aldona means not so much coin, how much the payments system built on the blockchain and has huge possibilities.

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Peter Brandt


$BTC 2013-2016 2017-2019 vs analog comparison. Two optional views:
1. 1-10 correction complete, but retest to come
2. 1-10 correction not done, new lows to follow
Then 🍢🎢
Or just dead cat bounce