The representatives of the Waves Platform in his blog said that the rumors of bankruptcy and liquidation in connection with that registered in the UK legal entities do not correspond to reality.

“First, Waves Platform remains fully active. Any information on the bankruptcy of the project is not true. We fully follow the interests of our investors and their confidence, — say representatives of the team Waves. — Current restructuring is aimed at improving the overall effectiveness of the project.”

They also noted that registered in the UK company was used in the early stages of project development and focused primarily on marketing.

“From December 2017 the company’s main office Waves was transferred to Switzerland (Waves Platform AG) in connection with a more favourable regulatory environment and active development of the project at the international level. Currently, all operations are transferred to a legal entity in Switzerland”

Thus, the team Waves Platform hopes that the change of jurisdiction will allow the project to optimize the relationship with contractors and to develop new markets.

“In this regard, the team decided not to renew the registration of a company in the UK”, — said the representatives of the Waves.

Earlier it was reported that the blockchain is the platform from Vostok Waves will be used for automation of real estate transactions.