After the incident with CryptoKitties network Ethereum was once again under attack. The vote in the Fcoin the new listing of the tokens by transferring the minimum amount of token on the stock exchange has led to congestion on the network, as the vote gets counted, not the total amount of collected tokens, and the number of unique addresses from which they were sent.

Monday, July 2, Ethereum network has processed 500,000 transactions. The size of the fee was $1, although the network used about half of its capacity. For comparison, from the beginning of this year the average number of transactions per day was 650 000 — 750 000.

The address to vote for the listing of Banca token had to 5.38% of all transactions network

The specific activity of the stock exchange for the first time affect the entire network. Recently Binance as a result of the error was committed more transactions than necessary. These cases demonstrate how the Ethereum in its current state is far from the processing of really large amounts of data.

FCoin is a new stock exchange, launched in may former chief CTO Huobi. It is based on a unique business model in which for each transaction the user receives compensation equivalent to the amount of the fee, in the form of private tokens Fcoin — FT. Thus, the exchange “MININT” their tokens through the Commission.

This model has already received the portion of criticism, because it could potentially encourage users to make fake transactions with the help of bots to produce tokens of exchange. SEO Binance Chanpen Zhao also doubted the sustainability of this model in the long term.