In the report State of Blockchains Q3 Outlier Ventures, the company said that the volume of venture capital investments in the blockchain industry has grown approximately three times.

At the end of last year, the volume of venture investments in blockchain and cryptomeria amounted to $900 million, and from the beginning of 2018, this figure reached $2.85 billion So the increase was 316%. As before, most venture capital transactions in the blockchain projects happening in the US.

The researchers also noted a significant decline in activity in the field of primary offerings of coins (ICO). So, if in the I quarter of this year, the ICO projects have attracted $3.8 billion in the third quarter, this figure amounted to only $1 billion.

In addition, the company noted that the ICO investors now prefer to invest in more or less Mature projects with a minimum viable product.

Several other figures lead the company Diar. In October the organisation announced that for the first three quarters of 2018, venture investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups amounted to $3.9 billion.

ForkLog previously reported that the venture capital division has opened a trading platform BitMEX.