According to the observations of analysts DataLight, in recent years significantly increased trading volumes and liquidity of the leading cryptocurrency.

#Bitcoin and #Ethereum set this year’s record liquidity, but it seems there’s much more to come.

— DataLight (@DataLightMe) 20 fierce 2019 R.

So, trading volumes Ethereum is currently about the same as in January 2018, when the price of the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies were at peak levels. The volume of trading in bitcoin has recently reached values of April last year. DataLight also note that since the beginning of 2019 several times increased the liquidity of these two leading cryptocurrency.

This thesis is confirmed by the results of the observations of Sam’s ouimet’s from CoinDesk. Using Coinmarketcap data, he found that the total volume of trading cryptocurrency on Tuesday, February 19, reached a performance of 300-day-old ($33.85 billion).

However, he notes, the bulk (about 88%) is generated basically only the ten most capitalized assets. Moreover, the current market indicators are still far from maximum values. For example, on 4 January 2018 the total volume of trading exceeded $68 billion.

However, there are signs of market recovery and renewed investor interest in the cryptocurrency. Technolithic under the name Crypto Rand notes that the total capitalization of the market has found support at the level of $100 billion and now the schedule is selected from the pattern “falling wedge”, which indicates continued growth in the value of cryptocurrencies.

Total Crypto Marketcap: P O E T R Y

— Crypto Rand (@crypto_rand) 20 fierce 2019 R.

ForkLog previously reported that the number of short positions on the stock exchange Bitfinex has reached a six-month low.