Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro urged workers to invest in gold and bitcoin Petro state. This was reported by news site Noticiero Digital.

During a television broadcast on October 18, Maduro said that in coming weeks, workers will begin to receive bonus payments “based on Petro”, not Fiat currency — sovereign Bolivar.

Since the official launch of Petro continues to attract suspicion. Many experts believe that the stated support for this cryptocurrency, the state oil company, is likely worth nothing, as the latter have large debts that exceed the market capitalization of digital assets.

Oil poured into the fire edition of Wired, in his August article described the situation with Petro as “fraud on fraud”.

But it seems a little confused by Maduro. The head of state said that the new bonus scheme is a “such payments, as they should be,” and urged viewers to invest a portion of these bonuses in gold and Petro “to strengthen the family economy.”

Maduro also recently gave the nod to trade in Petro six cryptocurrency exchange located in Venezuela. One of the sites called Cryptia has been criticized because of zero trading volume of bitcoin, ether, Dash and Ripple specified in the listing.