Unknown user on this night, attempted to go down in history as the sender of the most expensive transaction in the history of Ethereum.

From his address he gave four transactions, which translated ETH is less than 0.15, or about $19, while paying more than $450 000 as commissions.

During the first transaction, he sent 0,01 ETH and ETH 210 paid (more than $30,000) to miners. For the following two transactions he doubled the amount and I paid 420 for each ETH, handing 0.02 ETH on recipient addresses.

But the real surprise for the miners was the fourth transaction, which was transferred the amount of 0.1 ETH, accompanied by the Commission in the amount of 2 100 ETH.

Who can belong to this wallet, is currently unknown, but it continues to be used to send small transactions that are now covered by the commissions of adequate size.

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