The Grand jury of the district of Columbia, United States, has approved the indictment in the address 12 officers of the Russian GRU on the facts of intervention in the course of the US presidential election in 2016, which was submitted by the office of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

The conclusion contains 11 items, one of which — the tenth — is entirely devoted to charges of conspiracy to launder money using crypto currencies, of which the text only mentions bitcoin.

The text of the indictment заключения1 of 4

As stated in the conclusion, the defendants in 2015-2016 used bitcoin for the purchase of equipment for carrying out hacker attacks, domain registration and purchasing hosting services. It is noted that the cryptocurrency was used principally aimed anonymize the buying processes and avoid direct contact with traditional financial institutions. With the same purpose used a specially registered accounts in mail services and fictitious contact information, including physical addresses.

In addition, the group also maynila bitcoin for further use in the calculations. Thus, in particular, funds were received for domain registration dcleaks.com that was registered by the Romanian domain Registrar.

The total calculation of the group in the cryptocurrency, according to the calculations of prosecutors exceeded 95 thousand dollars.