According to the website Medium, China published the monthly ranking list of the blockchain in September. Cryptocurrency EOS continues to be number one, whereas bitcoin has fallen to the 16th position. The rating of the blockchain is published now in its sixth month. The evaluation is based on criteria such as the parameters of the underlying technology, the scope and creativity (innovation).

Behind EOS in the list are Ethereum, BitShares, NEO and Steem. The top ten also includes Nebulas, GXChain, Komodo, Lisk and Qtum. The author of the ranking is the Management of the development of electronic information industry of China (China Electronic Information Industry Development/CCID). The office was created by the Ministry of industry and information technology. Given that the list is a purely state Agency, the list gives an idea of the strength of the positions which the platforms convinced the authorities of the country.

Although the Chinese government is ill-disposed towards the cryptocurrency and cryptotermes, it supports the blockchain. Many projects and companies in China use the network of the blockchain, including the project “city of dreams” Sanjana, a favorite toy of the leader of the Chinese Communist XI Jinping.

In August, 2018 in the ranking of CCID in the first place was EOS, the cryptocurrency, while bitcoin took tenth place. It is noteworthy that while bitcoin for the first time in the history of the rating included in the top ten. However, in more than a month bitcoin failed to recover position or to climb: he dropped six positions and now occupies the 16th place.

When the ranking debuted in may, cryptocurrency EOS was not in it. However, after billions of dollars of ICO, the platform first appeared in the top ten in June, and since then never left her and even took first place, surpassing the Ethereum into second place, where he resides to this day. Although bitcoin first appeared in the top ten last month, he failed to preserve the drive.

Typically, when we are talking about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, we can expect that bitcoin will be given the honorary first place. However, this is not so in the case of China, where the evaluation of bitcoin does not meet global standards.

From the point of view of “creativity” or “innovative” bitcoin has the strongest position in the ranking (36.3 points), but in the aspects of “basic technologies” and especially “applications” it has only 41.7 and 15.3 points, respectively. Compared to bitcoin, EOS dials to 100.9 points according to the criterion of “basic technologies”, 17.6 points – in terms of “applications” and 26.9 in the aspect of “creativity”. The overall quantitative indicator of EOS in the index of 145, 4 points, while bitcoin is in 16th place with a “score” of 93.3.

It will be interesting to see whether bitcoin weaken its position in the top ten in October or will continue to remain in its current position.