The U.S. Supreme court refused to review a decision of life imprisonment without parole, which tried to appeal against the founder of the dark web site Silk Road Ross Ulbricht (Ross Ulbricht).

Росс Ульбрихт

About two weeks ago in the USA was extradited arrested in Thailand in 2015, counselor of Ulbricht on technological issues of Silk Road, canadian Roger Clark (Roger Clark or Jones Variety, VJ, Cimon, the Plural of Mongoose). He was charged with complicity in the drug trade, laundering of money, obtained illegally, as well as active participation in creating marketing and promotion of Silk Road and Ulbricht incitement to physical elimination of persons, interfere with the operation of its resource.

Recall that the Silk Road was closed in 2013. Security personnel who participated in the investigation in his case, is accused of fraud and embezzlement. In October last year the U.S. Supreme court has recognized $48 million received from the sale of 144 thousand bitcoins on Silk Road, legally owned by the US government. Ross Albrechtstrasse from claims for the return of these funds. He is serving a double life sentence in prison, does not recognize his guilt and believes that he was framed.