The US marshals service has announced plans to auction about $4.3 million in bitcoins in the next month.

On 17 October, the Agency reported that during a closed auction will feature approximately 660 bitcoins that were confiscated in criminal, civil and administrative cases.

Under the terms of the auction, scheduled to start on November 5 wishing to participate in the auction must Deposit $200,000 no later than 31 October, after registering in the Agency.

The auction will consist of two parts with six blocks of 100 bitcoins each and one block with the remaining 60 bitcoins. Under the terms of the auction, after offering the price the buyers will not be able to change it.

The marshals service said that among the proposed bitcoins confiscated in the case against Teresa Tetley and Thomas Mario Costanzo, who was sentenced to prison for money laundering. In total, they have seized 120 BTC.

Earlier we told you that the U.S. marshals Service is actively practicing the sale of bitcoins with a hammer.