According to the report CryptoCompare, the us dollar accounted for 50% of all trading volumes of Fiat currencies against bitcoin.

Second and third place on this indicator is the Japanese yen and the Korean won 21% and 16%, respectively. Interestingly, until recently, Vaughn had only a tenth of the trade “Fiat-bitcoin”, but with 7 to 15 October saw a sharp jump in activity on the Korean cryptocurrency market. Share of national currency of the Republic of Korea grew by 230% and now amounts to a third.

Other Fiat currency from the “first five” — the Euro (9%), pound sterling (1%) and Polish zloty (1%). The remaining Fiat currency was shared between the 2%.

That is no less interesting, the volume of trade on decentralized exchanges remain very low: the average daily volume attributable to the top 5 decentralized exchanges is about $2.4 million, or about 0.4% of the total volume of trading. Like, wide the user still has more trust centralized solutions, despite the fact that decentralization is one of the main features of blockchain technology.