In the next overview of recent initiatives in the field of blockchain – the government of China supported a major research project on practical application of the blockchain technology, a revolutionary solution for the electricity market in Estonia and use of the development consortium R3 in the logistics industry.

The largest media group China launches blockchain laboratory

Where: China
In what area: research
Objective: to study the practical possibilities of blockchain technology in various fields of business
Who does: People Capital, Xunlei Limited
Technology used: ThunderChain
Link: press release

The energy market of Estonia goes to the blockchain

Where: Estonia
In what area: electricity market
The aim of the tokenization of contracts for the supply of electricity, increased consumption of clean electricity
Who is: WePower, Elering
Used technology: Ethereum
Estimated date of implementation: pilot phase
Link: Wired

The port of Rotterdam launches logistics blockchain project

Where: The Netherlands
In what area: logistics, supply chain
Purpose: shipment tracking
Who does the Port of Rotterdam, Samsung SDS, ABN AMRO
Technology used: Samsung Nexledger, Corda
Estimated date of implementation: January 2019
Reference: Port of Rotterdam

In Europe can sign an agreement on the development of the blockchain

More than 20 European countries ready to sign agreement on joint development of blockchain technology. This statement was made at the recent Moscow forum “the Blockchain in the digital economy”, the official representative on the development of digital innovation and blockchain technology the main Directorate for communications networks, content and technology, European Commission Benoit Abel.

“To give blockchain a clear legal validity, we are currently working on new documents. Also in Europe we have the blockchain is a partnership, there are 26 member States that are now ready to sign the agreement between the two countries and the European Commission to jointly develop the technology and to provide concrete cross border services for the development of the necessary infrastructure,” — said the official.

According to Abel, the blockchain is “a good tool for international trade”.

“The European Parliament is now working on a report in this area, and the international trade organization is also involved in this process”, — he added.

Also this week ForkLog reported that:

  • The Central election Commission of the Russian Federation supported the implementation of a blockchain technology in electoral processes;
  • The Chinese Corporation will start licenzirovanie benefits in the field of car-sharing;
  • Blockchain-integrator Sputnik DLT joined well-known cases of the use of technology distributed registry in large companies in a unique structured Navigator;
  • Based exchange Binance charity Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) has launched a portal for collecting donations on the basis of the blockchain.