The company Pavel Durov Messenger Telegram may 11, filed in the court for the Northern district of California lawsuit against American startup Lantah. Durov considers that the Respondent violated his rights to the trademark of Gram, and asks that the court prohibit Lantah its use. About this “Vedomosti”.

The company is the plaintiff Telegram Messenger Telegram belongs to a Group registered in the British virgin Islands. In the beginning of the year in two rounds of ICO, the company raised $1.7 billion to create their own blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network and edition cryptocurrency Gram.

Meanwhile, California, the defendant company filed in the US patent office an application for registration of rights to the trademark Gram 25 Feb 2018. Lantah indicated that it intends to use it for “virtual currency”. According to plaintiff, the messenger Telegram and associated company by that time already “approved” right on the Gram, because the brand is associated with financial products and services that messenger plans to offer on-blockchain platform Telegram Open Network.

Representatives Lantah misleading that the name of the Gram was chosen as a derivative of “kilogram” or “milligram”. 9 Mar Lantah announced that ICO will spend $350 million to build a blockchain platform cryptocurrency Gram. For its part, the representatives of the Telegram argued that the defendant only intends to use the trademark in the future, while their company is already doing, and with considerable success.

Lawyers believe that the company Pavel Durov did not have to register the title to Gram, as she could get them simply on the basis of the fact that the first to use the mark in its activities. However, the owner Lantah Daniel Jeffrey told CCN that his company used the trademark Gram before the public learned about the plans of the Telegram to create the same name of the product.

Telegram Messenger already took care of protection of your trademark in Europe: April 25, she filed with the intellectual property Office of the European Union relevant application that is still pending.