Lawyer Timothy Musatov said that his client, a Russian citizen Aleksandr Vinnik, who was arrested during a holiday in Halkidiki in July 2017, Greece is begun criminal trial. About it, according to Musatov, winnick learned from the two local investigators of the financial police, which today arrived to see him in prison “Diavata” to announce the interrogation.

“Initiated criminal prosecution winnik. In accordance with the Greek law will be held preliminary investigation, the results of which will decide whether a criminal case”, — said the lawyer.

Musatov emphasizes that while his client was denied the presence of counsel, and the Russian Consul. Because the interrogation took place in the framework of the preliminary investigation, according to Greek law he could be held without a lawyer, but winnick used this excuse for refusal to testify.

“In these circumstances, Alexander winnick refused to testify essentially to get acquainted with the nature of charges and the need to prepare a legal position on their defense,” said Musatov.

Winnick also refused to testify during yesterday’s interrogation by representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies, which led to the postponement of the interrogation on the morning of 5 October.

“Employee of the Moscow Prosecutor’s office made the interrogation in presence of representatives of the Greek Themis and third parties. Alexander winnick refused to testify due to the fact that, first, he wanted to during his interrogation a lawyer was present, and, secondly, because of fears that information that interests the Russian side will be announced during the interrogation in the presence of the Greek law enforcement authorities, will be used by the Greek, French and American side,” said Musatov.

We will remind that recently to represent the interests of Alexander winnick as a lawyer came lawyer and politician Zoe Konstantopoulou (Zoe Konstantopoulou), which in 2015 was elected the youngest speaker of the Greek Parliament in the country’s history.

The extradition of the Russian demand three countries. France accuses winnik in hacking e-mail of thousands of people and extorting from them money, the us accuses him of money laundering and fraud with the cryptocurrency at more than $4 billion, and in Russia – fraud in the amount of 667 thousand rubles ($11,500). This assumes that closed by the US authorities cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e and Alexander winnick could be related to interference in the U.S. presidential election in 2016 by cryptocurrency officers of the Russian GRU.