The developers focused on increased privacy in cryptocurrency zcash for reported successful activation Overwinter and software needed for a future major upgrade called Sapling.

“Overwinter Successfully Activated”—

… and in doing so demonstrated a best practice for governance cryptocurrency that is decentralized and consensual and also promotes innovation.

— zooko (@zooko) 26 June 2018 R.

Upgrade Overwinter was activated today, June 26, at 00:42 UTC on the block 347,500. New software in the first place, paves the way for another major update called zcash for a Sapling, the activation of which is expected in September of this year.

Overwinter includes version control, protection from re-playing transactions for future upgrades, the overall improvement of health transparent transactions and other new features.

It is unclear the exact number of nodes supported update Overwinter. However, previously developed by zcash for Simon Liu told CoinDesk about the “unanimous support” from all members of the network. So, on the website of the project said that about the support Overwinter stated 12 other cryptocurrency exchanges as well as various mining pools.

Together with the activation of the Overwinter team zcash for published proposals for updating the roadmap. Among priority directions of development of the project team have identified:

  • the integration of cryptocurrencies in different exchanges, wallets, and other services;
  • the increase in privacy (privacy-by-default);
  • continued further development of the Protocol, including research to improve scaling without compromising decentralization.
  • business development and marketing;
  • further development of the blockchain zcash for, including enabling Sapling, eliminating gaps in security, changes in the algorithm of consensus PoW, countering “attacks 51%”.

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