Swiss exchange operator SIX July 6 unveiled a plan to create “a holistic infrastructure that will allow to trade, make payments and store money in digital assets.”

According to representatives of the exchange, this model will allow you to “create a safe environment for issuing and trading” popular cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and the token-ICO-projects.

It is noteworthy that the speech including goes about keeping funds: this aspect of the work with cryptocurrencies usually causes the most serious concerns among market participants.

Chapter SIX Jos Dijsselhof commented on the intention of the exchange:

This is the beginning of a new era for infrastructure capital markets. It is clear that most phenomena in the digital space durable and will shape our industry in the future.

SIX is not the first traditional exchange operator, which refers to trade cryptocurrencies. This year, the TMX Group, which manages stock exchange Toronto, has announced the launch of its own brokerage service, company and Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the new York stock exchange (NYSE), is considering a similar move.