As reported TASS Arkady Bukh, the lawyer of the suspect in hacking of Russian Evgeny Nikulin, who has been extradited to the USA, his client will be directed for psychiatric examination. Nikulina transferred from prison to a hospital where he will be six months.

According to the lawyer, the judge took this decision because Nikulin, “did not obey the orders of the court.” During the first trial Nikulin refused to answer the judge’s questions and even to give his name and age, and held such a line of conduct afterwards. Earlier, the lawyers of the Russians had also requested the conduct of his psychiatric evaluation. They reported that the defendant was not cooperating with them. Moreover, Nikulin had to undergo an examination at the end of March this year, but had a physical resistance to security officers and allegedly tried to flee.

Nikulin was arrested in the Czech Republic in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017 issued in the United States, where he is accused of cyber attacks on companies LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring. On the totality of the charges he faces at least 50 years in prison and a multimillion-dollar fine. Russia strongly protested against the decision of the Czech authorities. It is noteworthy that the home Nikulina also accused of stealing about $35,000 of e-wallets citizens in 2009.

In addition to attacks on social networks Nikulina suspect that it is associated with the hacking of the Polish cryptocurrency exchange BitMarket. In 2012, operators reported that, due to hacker attacks BitMarket lost 18 788 bitcoins. During another robbery in 2013 from the stock exchange was withdrawn 620 bitcoins. According to experts of the company Microsoft Tala, Beeri, to investigate these episodes, the crimes were stopped.

A Russian who denies all charges and calls himself “a simple dealer cars”, a well-known predilection for luxury. In particular, Instagram, he showed he owned vans Lamborghini gold watch Rolex with diamonds, handmade sneakers from Buscemi for $900 and even the cat breed Devon Rex, which is worth no less than $800. Also, the account had posted photos of expensive hotels, where the “humble merchant” stayed during traveling around the world. Judging by the photos, Nikulin had acquaintances and relations among representatives of the Russian political and business elite: he communicated with the son of the President of “LUKOIL” Yusuf Alekperov, the daughter of the defense Minister Yulia Shoigu and the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.