On 1 September the Bitcoin network, Cash conducted a stress-test, during which for 24 hours the miners have processed over 2 million transactions.

The average daily volume of the BCH transactions exceeded the record values achieved in networks with Ripple (1.7 million) and Ethereum (1.2 million).

According to the data, the day the network BCH processed 2 060 041 transaction is 85 835 transactions per hour and 23.8 per second. For comparison, BTC network processed an average of 3 transactions per second.

Furthermore, on 1 September the size of the mined by the miners of the blocks of the BCH for the first time exceeded 8 MB. During the stress test produced a plurality of blocks of 4-8 MB, and 9, 10, 13,5, 14, and even 15,2 MB. Mining pools such as Viabtc, Coingeek, BMG Pool, Waterhole, and other treated blocks, the size of which was much larger than 8 MB.

Recall that in may, the Bitcoin network Cash held hardwork, in which the maximum block size was increased from 8 MB to 32 MB.

That in the network of the BCH will be held in a stress test designed to check its capacity, it became known in July.