The team, together with former players of the Spanish football club “Barcelona” Carles Pujolar, Andres Iniesta and Ivan de La Pena announced the launch of a social network Olyseum intended for communication of football fans with their idols. It is reported Bankless Times.

“Throughout my career at Barcelona, I enjoyed the unwavering support of millions of fans around the world. Andres, John and I teamed up to create a space for football fans and to work more closely with them,” said Carles Puyol.

Created using blockchain technology network Olyseum appeared thanks to the desire to develop a closer relationship with his fans. The project will create a universal platform for communication, interaction and reward for athletes and their fans with the help of advanced technology.

In addition to the blockchain, Olyseum will be based on smart contracts incentive program users who are involved in the development of the community. As a reward they will receive exclusive items, VIP tickets and a unique experience with the stars of football.

Testing the social network will be carried out during the taking place these days in Russia of world football Championship. In 2016 when you first start in Spanish Olyseum headed the list of the most popular App Store in six countries. The official launch of the project is scheduled for late 2018.

The project’s CEO Carlos Gregoire has a master’s degree in the field of information security, and neuroscience, and wrote a Ph. D. thesis in computer science and telecommunications. He is the Creator of Quantum Fields Technologies, which specializiruetsya on projects in the areas of security and artificial intelligence. His partner Olyseum, developed by Kevin Mitnick, known for his work in companies from the Fortune 500 to the FBI.

“For too long, between idols and their fans there was the abyss. Olyseum created to overcome it through a social network that gives fans new opportunities and, most importantly, rewards them for participation. I’ve always been fascinated improve relations between people through computers and technology. When Carlos Andres and Ivan came to me with the problem of limited participation of the fans, I felt the need to use their knowledge and skills to offer a solution,” said Gregoire.

As previously reported, for the start of the world Cup blockchain platform Waves produced 100 thousand tokens MutCoin (MTN).