The tax Agency of Spain (AEAT) will monitor transactions with cryptocurrencies 15 thousand residents with the aim of preventing fraud and money laundering. It is reported by local newspaper El País.

In a new initiative AEAT intends to study the “fiscal impact of new technologies”, including blockchain and cryptocurrency. The Agency will ensure to provide tax returns “selected” citizens ‘ income from cryptocurrency transactions.

Check from AEAT affected by Spanish taxpayers who have made cryptocurrency transactions in the past year.

“The use of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as means of payment is one of the most serious problems today. To cope with this threat will be improved technology for the collection and analysis of information for all types of networks used by the research Department of the Tax Agency,” the article says.

Note that in October the Spanish government approved a bill according to which citizens are obliged to disclose their crypto-currency savings.

We will remind, in April the Tax Agency of Spain has asked local commercial companies and financial institutions the names of and information concerning commercial transactions, buyers of cryptocurrency.