Trading platform ProBit held a fast-track initial exchange offer (IEO) project LINIX.

After round 1 of Linix IEO”s insane 5 second sellout, ProBit Exchange is announcing the 2nd round of token sales starting March 16 12PM KST!

The available quantity has also been upped to 5.5 million LNX so there’s plenty to go around!

Price: $0.02/LNX.

— ProBit Exchange (Official) (@ProBit_Exchange) 15 March 2019 R.

Just five seconds after the start of the IEO investors bought all the tokens of the project LINIX (2,625,000 LNX) at a price of $0.02. After that, South Korean exchange announced the second phase of licensee, during which organizers have planned to implement LNX 5,500,000 for the same price. Accepts the cryptocurrency bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, stablein USDT native token exchanges ProBit (PROB).

Soon after successful tocancel new type ProBit announced several IEO planned for the next few days:

The Steemhunt IEO starting date has been changed to 3/22!

There are two ways to claim bonus HUNT during the event:
Finish as one of the top purchasers, claim up to 50,000 HUNT
Be one of the first 30 users to purchases $300 worth of HUNT, claim 5,000 HUNT

— ProBit Exchange (Official) (@ProBit_Exchange) 18 March 2019 R.

Announcing another slew of giveaways during the CharS IEO on March 20!

Compete among the top purchasers to claim an S10, Shinsegae gift cards, as well as bonus CHARS! Finish as the very top of the purchaser or the purchaser 19th in line to score an S10!

— ProBit Exchange (Official) (@ProBit_Exchange) 18 March 2019 R.

With so many IEOs to participate in, we know it can be hard to keep track!

ProBit Exchange will hold the Publish Protocol IEO on March 26th for $0.01/NEWS.
Get more NEWS with a 15% PROB bonus, 10% for other currencies, along with a 1% referral bonus.

— ProBit Exchange (Official) (@ProBit_Exchange) 18 March 2019 R.

It is noteworthy that the primary supply of coins (ICO) is prohibited in South Korea from 2017. Thus, the local exchange considering the IEO as a kind of alternative to the usual takesall, circumventing regulatory restrictions.

Note that by far the most popular IEO platform is Binance Launchpad. Soon this platform will be tocancel project Celer Network.

We will remind, about starting their own platforms for conducting the IEO has also announced exchange Bittrex and OKEx.