Investment company Temasek, owned by Singapore government and manages the national welfare Fund, delivered by the investor cryptocurrency exchanges Binance.

Funding was made through its subsidiary Temasek, Vertex Ventures. Marketplace has received support from the Singapore authorities as it recently announced the intention to launch a platform for the maintenance of local capturadora, according to CCN.

Binance Singapore will focus on Singaporean companies and private players involved in development of cryptocurrency industry in this metropolis. The investment will help the marketplace to gain a foothold in the territory and other countries of South-East Asia (sea).

Temasek manages assets of more than $300 billion, and Vertex Ventures, a global network operator, managing of investment portfolios in the United States, China, Israel, India and Southeast Asian countries.

The representative Vertex Ventures in China Chung Chong tai said:

Chanpen Zhao (CEO Binance) is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency industry. He represents a new generation of Chinese businessmen who create for the world of high-tech products.

In addition to the open platform in Singapore guide stock exchange Binance is preparing to launch next year its decentralized platform. The administration of the crypto currency exchange is also actively involved in charity projects, financing them with funds received for the listing of new digital assets.