Representatives of the mining pool Sparkpool reported that they had identified the sender of the transaction with the highest fee in Ethereum – 2100 ETH. At the end of February they were in correspondence with the anonymous user, which manifested itself a week after the transaction and stated that the abnormal fee deducted from his account. He was able to prove it by sending 0,022517 ETH from the same address to the address Sparkpool.

When discussing the options of refund, the parties agreed that half frozen Sparkpool amount will remain the pool and its miners, in gratitude for their participation. Thus, the sender returned 1050 ETH.


— sparkpool (@sparkpool_eth) March 11, 2019

Recall that this is not the only abnormally high Commission user: the same day in February with his crypto was held 4 small transaction – thanks they reward pools Nanopool and Ethermine 1890 amounted to ETH.