After the announcement of the development of the cryptocurrency applications BISON of the Stuttgart stock exchange is the second largest stock exchange in Germany — continues to move towards digital currencies. This is evidenced by her latest initiative to create the ICO platform, trading platform and Depository service for cryptocurrencies. In the announcement of the company Boerse Stuttgart Group said:

Soon after the start of the cryptocurrency trade using BISON, then there’s the ICO platform, a universal platform for cryptocurrency trading, and a reliable custodian services. Therefore, Boerse Stuttgart Group continues to implement its strategy of transition to digital technologies and becoming a pioneer of digital transformation of financial markets and financial products.

Head of exchange Alexander Heptner said that the experience and knowledge of specialists in the field of technology, management and trading models give her the benefit of allowing us to develop an effective infrastructure, which will complete the process of creating an application BISON and dynamic ecosystem of cryptocurrency trading. In particular, Heptner says:

On this integrated Foundation, we will be able to offer basic services in the chain of added value. Investors and market participants know that Boerse Stuttgart Group is committed to high quality service, transparency and reliability. Being a German company, and we want to bring these standards into the digital dimension. We will help in the dissemination of digital assets.

App BISON to be released this fall, promises a free and secure trade cryptocurrencies. This is the first app in the world, supported by a traditional stock exchange. It provides trade bitcoins, ether, litecoin and Ripple.

After its launch, the group plans to expand the area of operations, coming on the primary and secondary markets. The ICO platform will allow to produce digital tokens for Fund raising, as well as represent rights or assets. In this case, the panel also promises a “standardized and transparent” processes.

Platform trade digital assets (bitcoin, etc.) will be a special part of a comprehensive infrastructure. Chapter explains:

Tokens issued through our ICO platform can be traded on the platform on the secondary market. This is an important success factor for the ICO. At the same time, we respond to requests from retail and institutional investors for an adjustable and secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies.

Work Depository service will correspond to different concepts of security for digital currencies. It becomes available when you start shopping apps BISON. News that a major German stock exchange took a step towards the cryptocurrency, came amid reports similar plans by the new York stock exchange .