California business oversight and the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) received a list of complaints about the cryptocurrency company Coinbase, consisting of 134 pages. It is reported by Mashable.

Most often, the clients of the platform mention the unexplained disappearance of money from the accounts and lack of response to complaints Coinbase traders. Many times they are faced with the fact that attempts to contact representatives of the platform ended with formal formal replies through emails.

One user said he lost money after he transferred $17 thousand from one Coinbase account to another. Exchange for more than a month did not respond to his requests to clarify the situation.

Some believe that the company intentionally “holds” the disappeared funds to invest in other projects with the aim of earning.

We will note, in March users of Coinbase filed against the company two class action for insider trading while the listing of Bitcoin Cash, and the violation of California state law on unclaimed property.

Earlier ForkLog wrote that in June, the Florida court resumed consideration of users Cryptsy lawsuit against Coinbase, who accused the exchange of money laundering.