The ICO market needs to be regulated and the main priority should be the protection of investors. In an interview with CNBC, said authorized employee of the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) Robert Jackson.

According to him, the cryptocurrency market is still “full of disturbing events.”

“In most cases, investors cannot distinguish the real project from fraud,” he said.

Jackson also noted that regulation should take place from the SEC because he “did not see even a single ICO tokens which could not classified as securities”. However, he pointed out that the question of granting or denying ICO is not necessary for him first and foremost.

“Now we are trying to protect investors that are suffering in this market. And once the issue is resolved, we turn to the question of how to regulate these investments that is consistent with our laws,” noted Robert Jackson.

Recall that in late April, the Director of the Finance Department SEC William Hinman stated that the Commission is inclined to take a “balanced position” in the regulation of cryptocurrency and ICO.