According to the head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova, in our country you can use the technology of distributed registry in many industries, however, we must abandon the term “blockchain”, reports TASS.

This opinion expressed the official during his speech at the conference dedicated to the 25-year history of the Russian electoral system. Pamfilova noted that the blockchain technology have enormous potential and they can be used in all areas, including elections of regional and Federal value.

However, our citizens mentally alien to the concept of the “blockchain”, so this technology need to rename and adapt the Russian language. The CEC head said:

To promote blockchain technology in our country needs re-branding of the concept. You need to think of a Russian analogue of the term, which will be close to us in mentality. Use alternatively the notion of “unit” or “circuit” is also impossible, as in our country, a third of the population were in prison.

To come up with the intuitive definition of technology a distributed registry that need to do research on this subject and choose the best option, said Pamfilova. Rebranding will help to make the blockchain more clear direction in the high-tech industry, said the head of the Central election Commission.