The developers of the startup introduced the first version of the software for blockchain EOSIO.

#EOSIO 1.0 Release

— EOS (@EOS_io) on 1 June 2018.

“This will allow businesses extremely fast to create and run high-performance and secure applications based on blockchain technology” — said in the statement

EOSIO provides developers with the ability to design the business logic that is compatible with consensus algorithms that require determinismo performance.

New software designed for the work environment without tokens, where system administrators allocate a potentially unlimited resource quotas.

Depending on the specific application, EOSIO can use two different engine based Web Assembly — Binaryen and WAVM. At the moment the throughput of the blockchain EOS is 1 000 transactions/second, and in the next versions updates available that will allow the business to scale horizontally.

Release EOSIO was held in compliance with the license Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT).

Software from has the following characteristics: confirmation of blocks with lower delay (0.5 seconds), completeness of transactions, invulnerable to Byzantine errors and with minimal costs, optional completeness of transactions high-cost, platform for smart contracts on the basis of the Web Assembly, safe, time delays, scheduled periodic transactions, hierarchical role permissions, and others. also presented a portal for developers, where the work with documentation.

The #EOSIO Developer Portal is Live

— EOS (@EOS_io) 2 Jun 2018

In addition, London-based investment firm SVK Crypto announced the launch of a new Fund with assets of $50 million to advance technology EOS., SVK Crypto Jointly Launch US$50m #EOSIO Fund

— EOS (@EOS_io) on 1 June 2018.

Recall, today, June 2, the last day that holders of EOS can zaregestrirovatsja Ethereum addresses for correct conversion of tokens after running mainnet.

Earlier also it was reported that a critical vulnerability in the network EOS can be used to trigger maneta, but the rumors have not been confirmed and the developers plan to implement their plans within a specified time. intend to create a venture capital Fund for developers with assets of $1 billion. it is Worth noting that EOS can gather on the ICO of up to $4.2 billion, becoming the biggest tomenselo in the history of the industry.