Blockchain-R3 consortium announced the launch focused on institutional clients platform Corda Enterprise. One of the main functions in the release of Corda Enterprise was the “first firewall for blockchain applications.”

#CordaEnterprise is here! Delivering #blockchain for every business in every industry. Read the press release here to learn more.

— R3 (@inside_r3) July 10, 2018

It is reported that the new feature is able to restrict communication between nodes with different information needs, working in a different environment.

“There is a dilemma, because the nodes need access to the internal network infrastructure of the company and, at the same time, the necessary communication with other nodes of the network. The firewall can protect the internal node Corda from outside access and to allow only the necessary traffic”, — said the technical Director of R3 Gendal Richard brown.

Brown believes that through the use of blockchain-firewall platform Corda Enterprise will be more attractive to corporate clients than the traditional platform open source.

Technical Director of R3 predicts that soon the market blockchain-based platforms for business konsolidiruyutsya, and will remain only a few players.

Recall that last month, information appeared about the lack of funding of the consortium R3. Several employees reported that the company will not have funds by the beginning of next year.