Based in the Czech Republic developer of software solutions Braiins Systems, which is the operator of the first mining pool in history — Slush Pool, presented Braiins OS open source-based operating systems Linux, in particular — OpenWrt.

The developers stressed that in the future the system can be applied to solve various problems, including management of the complete bitcoin and Lightning-nodes with single Board computers. However, the first uscaca Braiins OS will be a mining device.

We are proud to announce the very first #opensource OS for miners ⛏ app which was finally finished during #bh2018!

And what’s in your #miner?

— braiins systems (@braiins_systems) 23 Sep 2018

It is noted that the new operating system standartisied the working principles of devices and interaction with Slush Pool. Moreover, with the help of Braiins users should get full control over the miners, in order to avoid the introduction of manufacturers of various exploits in the firmware of their products.

It is noteworthy that in the blog Slush Pool provided a link to a description backdoor Antbleed, which the company allegedly Bitmain have implemented in the firmware of all Antminer.

Braiins OS analyzes the operating environment of the device, handles errors and provides information about the performance.

However, the system is still at the stage of alpha testing and not ready for use on a large scale.

At the moment the product is available only for Antminer DragonMint S9 and T1.

We will remind, earlier Bitmain introduced the high-performance chip BM1391 on the basis of 7nm-process technology. The energy efficiency of the product is 42 J/TH.