The Bitfinex bitcoin exchange, earlier this month announced a new peer-to-peer trading platform based on blockchain EOS called EOSfinex and presenting it in London today, gave users access to the site where are the new details of the upcoming launch.

In particular, the site presents a roadmap of the project. According to her, the official beta launch of the site will take place in November 2018. The company did not specify whether the platform at this stage is open to everyone or only to a limited group of testers. Release the first full version EOSfinex scheduled for January next year.

As the main competitive advantages EOSfinex the company calls a high performance, achieved with the help of technology EOSIO and Bitfinex, full decentralization, which would allow the placement and matching of orders inside the blockchain EOS, and safety. In addition, in March next year, Bitfinex plans to open the platform code, so that it can be study by anyone.

As previously reported by the publication of the Finance Magnates, initially the platform will support three trading pairs: EOS/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD. It is expected that in the future the number of supported tokens is expected to grow rapidly due to the flexibility of the exchange contract EOSfinex.

Last week, Bitfinex announced the launch of another decentralized exchange Ethfinex Trustless. According to the company, Ethfinex Trustless disadvantages of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, such as latency of operations on input/withdrawal, problems with technical support and the possibility of loss of funds as a result of hacking, but not without their advantages.

Initially users Ethfinex Trustless had to have a token NEC in their wallets that is supposed to “guarantee a certain level of clarity about who uses the platform, and to allow the company to provide immediate support if something unplanned”. Monday Bitfinex announced that the launch of the exchange was successful, and now need tokens to NEC for transactions anymore.

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