The developer of bitcoin and blockchain solutions company Blockstream was presented by the observer block sidechained Liquid.

We are excited to announce the #LiquidNetwork Block Explorer; a new tool that enables Liquid users to visually examine Liquid”s #blockchain data. ⛓🌊

— Blockstream (@Blockstream) 2 Aug 2018

Explorer blocks provides users with the following information:

  • Transaction data;
  • The start time of a broadcast transaction in a network;
  • The number of confirmations of a transaction;
  • The size of the Commission;
  • The bitcoin address that you assigned to the transaction.
  • Address sidechained Liquid and the amount of L-BTC;
  • Other technical details.

Data Blockstream

Transactions are carried out with the help of technology Confidential Transactions (Confidential transaction), which allows the forwarded amount and type of the asset is visible only to the immediate participants in the transaction or their designated third party.

We will remind, earlier Blockstream introduced a tool Issued Assets, allowing users to create their own licenzirovanie assets sidechained Liquid.