The developers of Bitcoin Core has announced the release of the standard client software the bitcoin network to version 0.17.0, which made improvements to more than 700 requests adding features.

Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 Released

— Bitcoin Core Project (@bitcoincoreorg) October 3, 2018

Now Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 gives access to the function “reduction block”, the weight of which exceeds 180 GB, using a graphical user interface, which should simplify the launch of the full gcd new users.

Also implemented in the algorithm “branch and bound” Mark Erhardt (Erhardt Mark) of BitGo. It allows you to calculate the Commission for fragments, which consist of funds in crypto until the transmission of the transaction – eliminating the need to add pieces to cover the fee and the use of “address for delivery”.

However, in the new version, users will be able through the GUI at any time to create a new cryptococal for different needs, and through the function Scantxoutset and analysis of the UTXO – to check if their money. Also the developers managed to get away from problems with the creation of HD wallets and give users the opportunity to make cryptococal “view-only” that allows you to keep track of money with the use of seed phrases. But through the command line or Bitcoin Core connected apps can now be run partially signed transaction (Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction, PSBT) and to block funds in the wallet with multipoles.

Recall that recently the developers of Bitcoin Core found in the core bitcoin client CVE-2018-17144, which within two years could use for an artificial increase in emissions. The vulnerability was used for the operation of the double write-off of 0.1 BTC in the bitcoin test network and for production of 235 million coins for $15 million in the blockchain Pigeoncoin.