Developers announced the release EOSIO 1.0 — c open source to the core network the EOS, which has the task to ensure the rapid establishment and launch of a secure blockchain applications with high performance.

EOSIO can run on two engines based on Web Assembly: Binaryen and WAVM — and support up to 1,000 transactions per second, and the next versions will have tools to facilitate communication in the blockchain, which will allow you to scale your business horizontally.

“EOSIO enables developers to write business logic that is compatible with consensus algorithms requiring deterministic execution. The interaction of your user base with this business logic may occur with the use of the infrastructure public key that will bring to your business-level security, the blockchain, accountability and suitability for audit. The business logic easy to upgrade in accordance with the management structure of your organization.

EOSIO created for environments without token, where system administrators allocate a potentially unlimited resource quota to the user. Otherwise smart contracts can allocate resource quotas in other ways: rates for tokens, market committees or voting. It makes EOSIO perfect choice for both companies and for blockchains managed by the communities,” explained

However, in the introduced a developer portal, Developer Portal EOSIO, where can I find technical documentation, links to the SDK, how to create smart contracts, as well as the production tokens.

The #EOSIO Developer Portal is Live

— EOS (@EOS_io) June 2, 2018

The company plans — further development of the platform and service developer support, promotion possibilities EOS and partnerships with educational projects like training a new generation of blockchain-specialists, and to integrate the technology into new areas.

Recall that before starting the core network on the platform of EOS have discovered several critical errors. At the moment, token EOS completing the top five leaders among crypto-currencies and, according СoinMarketCap, traded at a price of $14 per share, which is 16% above yesterday’s average.