According to Vitalik Buterin, the recent series of attacks on the Ethereum network, which overloaded it spamovye transactions can cost up to $15 million worth About 75 cars Lamborghini became a cult for the crypto community. At a certain stage of a single smart contract, chasing tokens back and forth, taking on up to 40% throttle the entire network.

Acne Buterin commented on the situation:

In my estimation, the recent flooding the network with spam at a cost of $15 million (it cost about 5 million packs of green tea, 75 cars Lamborghini 25 investment rounds Coinbase and 0.9% ICO Telegram). Free market principles do not allow me to be overly upset by the fact that someone uses the blockchain of Ethereum as he wishes, but I will say: “wow”.

Some are accusing the project of EOS, but this version supported only near convincing evidence and the presence of the EOS token in a number of wallets used in spam transactions. Others blame a small exchange in the artificial wrapping of volumes to attract users, and others — episodic airdrop also gives the load on the network.

At the moment the problem is solved, although the price of “gas” for the fastest transaction increased slightly. Now the most “voracious” consumer “gas” remains a contract of distribution for Blue Whale token Token (BWX), taking on up to 14%. The current level of loading with the two largest decentralized exchanges can not be compared with the consequences of recent attacks.

Network congestion Ethereum has influenced the work of trading platforms. So, Huobi at the weekend was closed with the conclusion of the essential tokens and the game CryptoKitties increased transaction fees.

With regard to distributed applications, none of them does not overload the network, as evidenced by the data Dapp Radar. For the past day the number of users of the largest IDEX was only 2174, and in other dappah created the largest a few hundred people. In the last 24 hours the number of users of the project Augur is equal to 109, and small decentralized applications generally are not used.