The project team Metronome announced the sale of 8 million tokens MET in the amount of 26 502.21 ETH, which the organisers at the end of tocancel estimated at $12 million (just under $10 million at the time of publication).

#Metronome”s Launch: A look back and a look forward

— Metronome Token (@MTNToken) 7 August 2018 R.

In contrast to traditional models of primary offerings of coins (ICO), according to which the highest win receive early investors, tocancel Metronome project took place in the scheme of the auction with decreasing price. Demand for the tokens of the MET allowed the campaign to last 6 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes. Funds received from 1443 different addresses, on average each of them spent $3623.

Team Metronome States that the sale of tokens occurred in a not very opportune time — on the background of almost the deepest market downturn in the history of cryptocurrency. The decline in prices of digital currencies have somewhat reduced the “appetite” of investors, however, according to them, the technical part of the auction “was on top” .

The main advantage of the new althena Jeff garzik’s called mobility, which will allow owners of tokens with smart contracts it easy to move assets from one network to another. He claims that this feature will allow the Metronome to exist for many generations, even if the underlying blackany will permanently disappear.

Earlier, captainvalor expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that almost half of the tokens Metronome was in the hands of just three buyers.

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